मानवसेवा आश्रम (Human Service Ashram)

Manavaseva Ashram (Human Service Ashram) is a purely charitable social organization. We have been dedicated to the rescue, treatment, counseling and family reunification of the road dependent people (helpless, disabled, orphaned, parentless, physically and mentally weak) who are expecting help since 2069 BS.

Manavsewa Ashram is serving from 14 districts and 19 service centers from 7 provinces of the country. Under the auspices of the Manavaseva Ashram, there are now more than eleven hundred people in need of assistance across the country.

The Ashram has not yet accepted the conditional assistance of foreign donors and we promise not to accept it in the coming days. We operate with the fist help of every Nepali.

Manavsewa Ashram Mission 2082
• Our wish :
No one should live life lacking food, clothes and roof to live.
• Our Commitment :
To make Nepal free from road dependent people (helpless, disabled, orphaned, parentless, physically and mentally weak).
• Our Dream:
To declare Nepal ‘The Country of Humanity’.

Contact us at: 9855076001 (Ramjee Adhikari, Founder Central Chairman), 9855076003 (Sushila KC, General Secretary), 9855076004 (Secretary, Spokesperson).

Bank Details: Bank Account Number : D101010000179
Bank Account Name : MANAVSEWA ASHRAM (all in capital letters)
Bank Name : Global IME Bank (Kamaladi, Kathmandu)
Swift Code : GLBBNPKA

Connect with us through:

facebook : www.facebook.com/msa2082/
website : www.manavsewaashram.org
youtube channel : https://bit.ly/3fCHie1
instagram : www.instagram.com/manavsewaashram/

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Manavsewa Ashram

Created May 12, 2020 Nepal

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